Signs of Medical Malpractice

Posted By Boohoff Law, P.A. || 1-Nov-2013

Oftentimes, victims of medical malpractice struggle to determine if they suffered malpractice and when. Victims without the knowledge of a physician may not be able to know if something went wrong. First, knowing what medical malpractice is can help in determining if you have suffered. Medical malpractice occurs when a physician or medical professional does not uphold or abide by the standard of care and a patient suffers an injury. Even if the act was out of negligence and not intentional, a medical malpractice claim could result. Some examples of medical malpractice would be a misdiagnosis of a patient, a mistake with prescriptions, surgical errors and there are many more. Determining if you have been a victim of medical malpractice can sometimes be unclear. To help, here are some warning signs that you should be watchful for:

  • A lack of improvement of your condition while performing or undergoing treatments
  • The diagnosis does not seem to match the symptoms you are experiencing
  • The result of a lab test was the sole reason for a certain diagnosis, it is known that mistakes in lab results are common and should not be relied upon to that extent
  • One of the common tests used to diagnose your condition was not performed on you
  • An uncommon ailment was diagnosed after you expressed common complaints- there are times when an ailment is not a sign of a much bigger problem (a headache is not always a sign of a brain tumor)

If at any time during or after an experience with a physician or medical professional you feel uncomfortable or you question their performance, contact Boohoff Law, P.A. As Brandon personal injury attorneys, we can help you investigate and determine if indeed you were the victim of medical malpractice. Call today to set up a free initial consultation to see how we can assist you!