Case Results

$750,000 / Tampa, FL / Ceiling Collapse

A young man was crushed in his bathroom by the falling ceiling debris. The ceiling became wet due to a clogged A/C drain line and the management of the dwelling neglected to address the issues in time. Our client suffered a back injury that required surgery. The apartment association adamantly defended the claim. We fought hard to get a fair compensation for the victim.

$550,000 / Tampa, FL / Rear-End

A husband and wife were rear-ended at a stop sign in Tampa. The claim was complicated by a later accident that had more damage to the vehicle than the first accident. We represented the couple for the first accident. The insurance company argued that it was the second accident that caused most of their injuries. They switched to us from another law firm that strongly advised them to accept the last offer in 200K’s. We were able to get them $550,000.

$550,000 / Brandon, FL / Neck Injury

Our client was a young man driving his car when another car turned left in front of him, violating his right of way. He suffered a neck injury that required surgery.

$500,000 / South Carolina, FL Policy / Ran Stop Sign

An elderly couple was driving in their car when another car ran a stop sign and entered onto their path. The victims suffered multiple injuries, including a leg and nose injury that required surgery.

$295,000 /Orlando, FL / Neck Injury

Our client was a man in his 40’s. He was struck by another driver while standing in a left turning lane, waiting for a light to turn green. The other driver had a seizure disorder and was not allowed to drive. Despite that, the other driver drove on the night of the accident, went into a seizure and caused an accident. Our client suffered a neck injury. Insurance company initially offered 10K to settle the claim. Claim eventually settled above insurance policy limits, for $295K

$249,000 / Brandon, FL / I-75 Accident

A 31-year old preschool teacher was rear-ended near exit 250 on I-75. She injured her neck and back. The initial offer was $3,000. We fought hard for her and received almost quarter of a million dollars as compensation from all available policies.

$194,000 / Tampa, FL / Shoulder Injury w/ pre-existing Condition

A lady in her mid 50’s stopped at a red light and was rear ended. She suffered a shoulder injury, for which she required surgery. Insurance company argued that her shoulder injury was pre-existing. We argued and prevailed that her injury was aggravated as the result of the accident.

$180,000 / Brandon, FL / Knee Injury

A young man in his mid 20’s was injured when a careless driver made a left turn in front of our client, violating his right of way. This young man suffered a knee and a neck injury.

$151,000 / Zephyrhills, FL / Passenger

A very nice middle aged lady was a passenger in a vehicle, when her vehicle was hit from behind. She injured her neck and back in the accident and required extensive treatment. Insurance company offered her $5,000. The jury came back with over $151,000.

$145,000 / Brandon, FL / Low car damage and Neck Injury

Our client, a lady in her late 30’s, was rear-ended. Our client suffered a neck injury. Insurance company was focused on low damage to her vehicle and fought hard to defend the claim. Our client’s uninsured motorist coverage offered 3K out of 25K of available insurance coverage. In the end, her insurance company ended up paying several times over its policy limits.

$125,000 / Riverview, FL / Neck and Back Injuries

A lady in her late 30’s was rear ended by another car and was pushed into a vehicle in front of her. She suffered neck and back injuries. The insurance company offered her only $16,000 to resolve her claim. Her claim ultimately resolved for maximum available insurance coverage of $125,000.

$65,000 / Brandon, FL / Disputed Liability

A young lady in her 20’s was driving, when another vehicle made an improper lane change and as a result, struck our client. The other car disputed that they were at fault, claiming that a “phantom vehicle” struck them first and is to be blamed for the accident. Because of that, initial offer was only $2,000. Through investigation and working with an engineer we were able to place fault on the driver who hit our client.

$52,500 / Brandon, FL / Rear-Ended at Traffic Light

A 38-year old female was rear-ended in Brandon, while standing at a traffic light. As a result of her accident, she suffered a disc bulge in her neck. Her case was dropped by another prominent law firm because of little damage to her vehicle and a pre-existing condition. The initial offer was below $7,000.

$50,000/ Riverview, FL / Policy Limits

A 51-year old male was injured when he t-boned another driver who attempted to make a left turn in front of him. As a result, he sustained herniation's in his neck. We obtained maximum insurance policy limits under the at-fault driver’s policy.

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