Meet Support Staff | Michelle PiellerMichelle Pieller | Case Manager

Case Manager

Michelle P’s number one passion is helping people. Since 2003, she has helped countless injured victims, walking them confidently through each step in the process and giving them the support they need during difficult times.

Known for her organized, patient, and professional manner, Michelle provides our clients with a sense of calm and balance, ensuring their needs are heard. In dealing with clients, she often thinks about her own family as a guiding principle, making sure to treat our clients the way she would want her family members treated, were they in a similar situation.

Michelle gets a great deal of personal satisfaction from working at Boohoff Law because clients frequently thank her for her hard work and attention to detail at the successful conclusion of each case. She is ever-grateful for the support of her coworkers, as they make her career even more fulfilling.

Outside of work, Michelle loves photography, bowling, and baton-twirling – sometimes even with the baton on fire!