Boating Accidents in Florida

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Florida has an abundance of beaches, bays, rivers and lakes where the residents can enjoy themselves with water sports. Boating is popular activity in the state of Florida, but it can also be a very dangerous activity. Due to the popularity of the sport, there is a higher chance of accidents and injuries due to boating. In a span of four years, 2003-2007, the U.S. Coast Guard reported 3,364 boating accidents in Florida, and within those accidents 351 fatalities. If you are an injured victim from a boating accident, team up with the top personal injury lawyer in Brandon for the legal guidance that you need.

Causes of Boating Accidents

A boating accident can take place due to any number of factors. The top causes of boating accidents in Florida include:

  1. Inattentive operation of the boat
  2. Inexperienced operators of the boat
  3. Excessive speeding on the water
  4. Failing to watch for other boats, people, etc.
  5. Operating a boat while intoxicated

These factors can all be prevented by the operators of the boat and if you are injured due to the negligence of another person, fight for compensation. A collision with another boat is the most common type of boating accident. Other types of accidents can include colliding with another object, water skiing accidents, flooding and capsizing. Negligence plays a large role in these accidents and you can pursue damages for the injuries suffered in a boating accident.

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