Florida Uninsured Motorist Claims

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All too often, motorists involved in an accident are not insured. There are countless reasons that drivers choose to forego auto insurance, but generally it is due to the cost. The trouble with this is that when involved in an accident, the people who are adhering to the state laws suffer because of those who do not. After an accident, the drivers involved are supposed to exchange information and the person at fault will have to notify their insurance company, who should then cover the compensation expenses. The scenario is clearly different if the party at fault does not have an insurance company to notify.

Uninsured and Underinsured Vehicle Coverage

Florida Statutes Section 627.727 provides the regulations regarding this coverage. Essentially, all motor vehicle liability coverage insurance policies need to offer uninsured motor vehicle coverage of some sort. The policy holder is able to reject this coverage, but most choose to keep it. The options often made available when it comes to this policy will cover a certain amount per person and also a certain amount per accident for all injuries, for example:

  • $10,000/$20,000
  • $25,000/$50,000
  • $100,000/$300,000
  • $300,000/$500,000

The first number would be the maximum amount compensated per person and the second number would be the maximum number per accident for all injuries. The purpose of this coverage is to protect you against situations discussed above where a driver at fault in an accident does not have insurance coverage. You are able to file a claim through your own insurance policy in order to receive the compensation that you need. This claim must be brought about within five years of the accident and it is important to team up with the top car accident lawyer in Brandon for help.

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Unfortunately, it is often the case that insurance companies try to deny or offer lower payments than deserved in a case. It is essential to have legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected and the insurance company is held liable for their actions. Searching for an attorney for a car accident in Brandon? Contact our firm at (888) 684-8494 to schedule a free case evaluation!

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