Brandon Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Pedestrian Accident Cases

Pedestrian accidents can be particularly catastrophic, often leading to severe injuries or the tragic loss of life for an innocent person. Reckless driving, distracted driving, speeding and drunk driving can all lead to permanent or long-term injuries or worse. When a vehicle strikes a human body, the size and weight of the vehicle can lead to severe trauma, even with a minor impact. The best personal injury lawyer in Brandon is necessary to thoroughly investigate the facts, and determine negligence in order to pursue compensation for damages.

Spinal cord injuries, fractures, disfigurement, injuries to the brain, paralysis, and death are unfortunately far too common in pedestrian accident cases. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, it is imperative that you immediately contact a Brandon personal injury lawyer, to get seasoned legal representation. Our firm focuses on providing our clients with compassionate and caring legal representation to help you through this difficult time. We care about the outcome of your case and will support you throughout.

Trusted Lawyer for Pedestrian Accidents in Brandon

Searching for a lawyer for a personal injury case in Brandon? At Boohoff Law, P.A., we are very well-versed in Florida state law pertaining to pedestrian accident cases. We have a track record of successful advocacy for clients injured by negligent drivers. We will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation possible in order to cover costs related to pain and suffering, medical and surgical expense s, lost income, and potential long-term rehabilitative treatment and care. If you have lost a loved one to a pedestrian accident, we will tirelessly pursue a wrongful death claim on your behalf.

Contact a Brandon injury attorney at the firm if you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a pedestrian accident and you seek experienced legal counsel.