Brandon Premises Liability Lawyers

Causes of Accidents on Another's Property

A property owner has the responsibility to see to the reasonable safety of the visitors to their establishment. This could encompass many different aspects. If trip and fall or slip and fall hazards are not taken care of, this could cause an injury to the victim. Obstructions in walkways and stairways should be removed and any wet or slippery floors should be dealt with by using wet floor signs and mats. Spills should be cleaned up to reduce the potential for accidents. Flooring and stair treads that are worn or uneven need to be repaired or replaced.

Security measures should be in place to decrease the likelihood of a crime occurring on the property. Adequate lighting is very important as not only can it help reduce the potential of a crime occurring but it can also prevent other types of accidents. No matter the reason for your visit to another's property, you should be secure in the fact that an owner takes care to ensure you are safe. If you have suffered a personal injury due to a property owner's negligence an experienced personal injury lawyer in Brandon should be hired to hold the property owner accountable.

Compensation for Your Premises Liability Injuries

Many different types of injuries could result from an accident in a premises liability case, some of them catastrophic. Falling accidents are common which result in strains, broken bones, fractures and neck and back injuries. Burn injuries are also a result of premises liability accidents. In the worst case, a wrongful death may occur due to injuries sustained.

Looking for an attorney for personal injury in Brandon? If you or a family member has had an accident on someone's property, the attorneys at Boohoff Law, P.A. may be able to help. We urge you to act quickly as evidence will need to be gathered and witnesses will have to be secured. Compensation for your medical expenses, loss of wages and your pain and suffering should be made by the responsible party. We care about our client's rights and will fight for a success in your case.

Contact a Brandon premises liability attorney without delay to begin the process of having you compensated for your injury.