Brandon Product Liability Lawyers

Compensation for Injury Caused by a Defective Product

Have you been injured by a product that was defective or failed to function correctly? If so, it is imperative that you contact the top personal injury lawyer in Brandon who is knowledgeable about product liability law. Our firm, Boohoff Law, P.A., is experienced and skilled in seeking compensation for clients who have been injured by a dangerous product.

Although millions of products are regulated at the state and federal levels in order to prevent harm to consumers, dangerous products make it onto the market every year, often recalled later – after the damage has already been done. Medical devices, automobiles, machinery, tools, household items, toys, and building materials are but a few examples of products that can cause harm, including serious or catastrophic injuries or loss of life.

Products can have design flaws that are not caught until they are on the market. There may have been insufficient or improper testing done on the product before it is made available for the consumer on the open market. When these products don't function as they are supposed to and cause injury in the process, you may be entitled to receive compensation for both economic and non-economic damages.

High Quality Product Liability Attorneys in Brandon

Determining who is at fault in a product liability case requires a careful investigation of the facts as well as a thorough probe into the product and its history. It could be that there was a faulty design, essentially making the company that designed the product responsible. It's also possible that the design is not the problem, but the manufacturer created a problem due to improper techniques or procedures in manufacturing, or a single instance of a faulty product, or certain lots of a specific product.

Searching for a lawyer for an injury case in Brandon? Whatever the situation, we are dedicated to identifying and exposing the party or parties responsible for your injury and will pursue the maximum in financial compensation, based upon the facts in your case. Contact us as soon as possible after an injury from a defective product. We can evaluate your case and advise you about how we can move forward to pursue compensation.