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Facts Regarding Injuries to the Brain

Injuries to the brain have a variety of types and symptoms. Unfortunately, these symptoms can go unnoticed or misdiagnosed which can lead to other physical and mental troubles. Concussions have become well known because of their prevalence in sports. They are not yet fully understood by the medical profession and result in a temporary loss of normal brain functions. A mild traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain in violently hit against the skull with a short loss of consciousness, up to 30 minutes. In a severe traumatic brain injury or TBI, there is a loss of consciousness for more than 6 hours and the effects can be permanent. Team up with the best injury attorney in Brandon to hold the negligent party responsible in your brain injury case.

At Boohoff Law, P.A., our first recommendation is that if you or a loved one feels they are suffering from any of the symptoms of a brain injury, a competent physician should be immediately consulted. At times, insurance companies and others are reluctant to fully check out brain injuries due to the expense involved. This is one of the areas where a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can be of service to you and your family.

Symptoms and What Can Be Done

Common symptoms of brain injuries include:

  • Loss or reduction of cognitive functions such as memory, perception and concentration
  • Slurred speech
  • Inabilities to read or write
  • A partial or total loss of vision
  • Sleep disorders and depression
  • Seizures
  • Headaches and/or dizziness
  • Changes in personality

Injuries to the brain and their symptoms can be brought about by auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, assaults, motorcycle accidents and medical malpractice such as in the use of dangerous drugs.

No matter the cause, brain injuries can be life changing and in some cases, permanent. Our firm feels that those that brought about the brain injury through negligence or carelessness should be held responsible for what they have done. Legal cases involving brain injuries demand thorough investigation and documentation as to what occurred, who was responsible and the damage that was done. Costly medical procedures, treatment and rehabilitation should be paid for by those responsible. Loss of wages and other damages may be compensated in some cases involving injuries to the brain. Need an attorney for a personal injury case in Brandon? Let us take up the battle for just compensation on behalf of you and your family.

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