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Questions about spinal cord injuries?

Spinal cord injuries can have serious, life-long consequences for an individual and one's family. They can affect the ability sensation to different parts of the body, as well as one's motor skills. Catastrophic permanent damage such as paralysis, either paraplegia or quadriplegia, can result from injuries to the spinal cord, and the injured victim will require a lifetime of care and treatment. They also are facing personal challenges that must be addressed in financial terms when settling their claim.

Spinal cord injuries can be caused in slip and fall accidents, car accidents, acts of violence, and other dangerous incidents. One sustaining these injuries may require compensation for surgery, lost wages, physical therapy, medical and rehabilitation costs, and potential long-term care. If you or someone you love has suffered spinal cord injury as a result of the negligence of another, you are urged to contact the best injury attorney in Brandon at once to get proven legal help for your case.

Spinal Cord Injury Claims in Brandon

At Boohoff Law, P.A., we have extensive experience defending the rights and interests of clients suffering from spinal cord injuries. We fully understand that there may be considerable frustration for you at this time, and concerns about the costs for care and treatment both now and in the future need to be addressed by a legal professional. Need an attorney for a personal injury case in Brandon? We will aggressively investigate, and if necessary litigate, to pursue the maximum possible redress for you case. We have the experience and resources within the Florida legal system to help you address the issue of fair compensation. If you are in need of a free home or hospital visit, let us come to you.

Contact a Brandon injury lawyer at the firm if you have suffered spinal damage and need trusted legal answers and action.

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