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Whether you work at a construction site, drive a vehicle for work, sit at a desk, enforce the law, or any other occupation, it's possible to be injured on the job. In Florida, any injured worker can file a workers' compensation claim to defray the cost of medical bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, you may not be compensated fully or sometimes at all. If this has happened to you, you need to contact our personal injury lawyers at Boohoff Law, P.A. for help. We know how to aggressively pursue benefits at the level you should be receiving.

To file a workers' compensation claim, you must have all of the facts in place, and your claim presented correctly and in a timely manner. Workers' comp insurance, carried by your employer, pays for medical bills, a portion of any lost wages, temporary disability, and any needed rehabilitation. It can also pay benefits for permanent disability and death benefits to a worker's family when a fatal accident has taken place.

Representation in Brandon for Your Workplace Injury

There are times, however, when these benefits don't cover your bills fully, or your claim is denied or terminated early. Another situation is when someone other than your employer caused your injury while you were on the job. You can file for workers' compensation benefits, and you might also be able to bring a suit against a third party, if that party contributed to the accident and injury. In such a case, the best injury lawyer in Brandon is essential in helping you seek the maximum amount of compensation, as we believe you fully deserve.

Don't suffer needlessly because you were injured on the job and your compensation is not meeting your needs. We are dedicated to helping you reach a brighter future, and to recover the level of benefits and other forms of compensation that you deserve. Looking for a lawyer for an injury case in Brandon?

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