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Filing a Claim for Monetary Damages

When an accident is caused by an individual or entity's negligence, any victims that suffered injuries can usually file a claim for damages. If you were hurt in an accident that wasn't your fault, a Seffner personal injury attorney can explain the personal injury laws that pertain to your case and determine if you qualify for compensation. Boohoff Law, P.A. is a trusted personal injury firm that provides confident representation to accident victims and their family. We are highly skilled litigators that will do everything we can to obtain a just settlement. Our firm has represented clients that were victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents. We have also provided legal advocacy to individuals that were injured by dog bites, dangerous drugs, nursing home abuse and medical malpractice. We know the full extent of the laws that protect your rights to compensation, and will stand up to any insurance company that tries to avoid a settlement, especially cases involving wrongful death, premises liability, slip and fall accidents and children's injuries.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Seffner

A serious accident can change a person's life forever, particularly if the individual suffered severe injuries such as spinal cord injuries, burn injuries and brain injuries. We know the pain and agony that a catastrophic injury can cause, and will pursue any compensation that you are due with relentless determination. No matter what actions the insurance carrier undertakes to circumvent a settlement, we will persist on our course of action and vigorously protect your rights to monetary damages.

Injury compensation can be vital to your recovery, especially if long-term medical treatment is required. It can cover your medical expenses, hospitalization, rehabilitation and home care, as well as pain, suffering and emotional trauma. Every personal injury case is unique and the amount of compensation that you receive will depend on various factors regarding your case as well as the skills of your attorney. Over the years our firm has developed a reputation for treating our clients with respect, patience and understanding. We are passionate about helping individuals who have been traumatized by another person's careless acts, and will provide steadfast and unyielding representation throughout every phase of your case.

Contact a Seffner personal injury lawyer for dedicated legal representation if you are an accident victim seeking monetary damages for your injuries.

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